What’s it about?

Inside an ancient country disguised in the neon glow of modernity. Living and working in Seoul, Korea; hoping to get under the skin of this fascinating culture. A blog primarily about travel within a country where most Western visitors seldom leave the capital, and an occasional reflection on a culture and way of thinking sometimes utterly upside down to my own. Also a convenient way to prove to my family that I’m not dead.

Comments or critiques of my writing are especially welcome, as are suggestions for places to visit or things I may have missed (which are many).


11 thoughts on “What’s it about?”

  1. Do you mind if I read your blog? It seems you are dating one of my former students. I taught English in Korea for 14 months. Even had a baby while I was there (my husband was there too).

    • She’s one of my former students too, actually!

      You’re very welcome to read – I’m having a great time and there’s so much to explore. I’d love to hear if your experiences here agree or disagree with my own.

  2. if you’re wondering who’s that creep backtracking your entries,then i just want to tell you this – THAT CREEP IS ME!:D
    hi!hehe i love reading your blog and the fact that you are currently living/teaching in Korea makes me loving it more!I wanna go there one day.
    anyhow,keep on writing!tata~

  3. A real nice read! I enjoyed reading your posts.

  4. Nice blog, I think I’ll add it to my blogroll 🙂

  5. I am interested in your articles. do you travel all over the world by yourself? Where are you now? and where is your next destination? Thank you!
    have a nice day

    • I live in Korea, working as a teacher, but I’m from Australia. Being based in Seoul it’s possible to travel quite a bit around Asia – weekend trips to Japan for example. And Korea is a very compact and interesting country to travel around in too, and few non-Koreans visit anywhere.

      For the next few months I won’t be going anywhere overseas (probably) but am planning a lot of weekend trips to interesting places in Korea. December will hopefully see me travelling around Myanmar and Vietnam.

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  7. This is definitely one of the best Korea blogs I have seen. (And I’ve seen a lot, lately! We’re planning a trip next year with our two kids.) I love all your photos and insights. My wish list keeps getting longer and longer.

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